They say April is the cruellest month. I happen to be a fan, but it was certainly a busy time for SODF: rehearsal, the resurrection, matzo, birthdays, lilacs, boston and dc, moving, you name it. The upshot?

SODF this Wednesday May 6th at 10 pm at TRASH BAR, 256 Grand St, Brooklyn (off the Bedford Ave L stop)


After a month’s hiatus from the spotlights and sweat of the live stage, we return on Wednesday for the first of five scheduled shows in NYC and Philly. I’m especially excited for this one, cause

  1. it’s our first Brooklyn show
  2. the other bands playing that evening are supposed to be really great, including Says Shes Ms Blat the band of a very talented friend of Madalyn’s (our bassist)
  3. we’re playing two new songs (Flimsy Floorboards and Untitled) for the first time – and our existing repertoire has come leaps and bounds

Also? There’s an open bar (pbr & well drinks) between 8 – 9 with your $6 admission. SO hope to see you out there…

– Upcoming, for your g-cals –

May 6 10pm Trash Bar, Brooklyn
May 19 8pm Europa Downstairs, Brooklyn
May 21 8pm The M Room, Philly
June 11 11pm Fontana’s, Manhattan
July 15 8pm Crash Mansion, Manhattan