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here she is. her name is Scarlet.





Anna would be the standard barer, the rallier, the flame, the fortune, the spirit, the soul; leading the charge into the fray, cutting down the foe in scores, humbling the strong, inspiring the weak, AND THEN sung a fallen hero in the the war’s wake all across the country.




Madalyn would rise to prominence as a Commanding General, aides-de-camp at hand, directing the militant masses from the cloistered imperial chambers; MEANWHILE developing a profitable business dossier allowing, during the next peace time, vast fortunes and a life of splendor carried out first in the city BEFORE retiring to the country. 



Meredith would serve at the battle front as a nurse, tending the wounded and dying, reading aloud poetry, transcribing letters to mother and lovers, BUT sobbing at the horror of it all in her tent at night, UNTIL she suffered a psychological break and had to be removed to convalesce fitfully in the country.


zachZachary, at first too young to fight, would evade the war for his studies AND spend the days alternately reading and arguing with fellow students WHILE writing indignant tracts regarding philosophical matters in a walled university town nested within the country.



P.S. Zachary might also find himself a gladiator.  OR the Messiah.