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until i found this one.



Fender Mustang Bass Ritzer 004

Look at it.  Beautiful.  Perfection in every way.  One volume knob and one tone knob, resting perfectly on that little swoop of silver.  The understated but still interesting color combination of the blonde and tortoise shell.  The curvy edges, and the small neck that perfectly fits my tiny hands.  I’m in love.  I joined a band because I wanted to get guys (if we’re being honest, isn’t that the point of rock music?).  Instead, I’ve fallen in love with a guitar.  A Fender mustang, to be precise.  I visit it at the Guitar Center on 14th street frequently.  I plug it into my favorite Ampeg amp and noodle around, imagining what it would be like to play it whenever I wanted.

Alas, it’s an unrequited love.  First of all, I’m unworthy.  I practice a lot, and I’m getting better, but my current bass skills don’t warrant such an instrument.  Also, I just don’t have an extra $800 sitting around.  Sure, if it were true love I’d move home with my parents in New Jersey, freeing up most of my income, allowing me to get the bass of my dreams.  I’m just not sure I’m ready for that kind of committment yet.  Ah, to be young and in love.

P.S. Don’t show my current Axl bass this post.  We’re still very much in love and things are going well, but a girl can have a celebrity crush, can’t she?

Ebay: Vintage Klezmer Horn Violin Stroh Violinophone


Current bid? $405.00



From Exquisite Costume

1900’S NAVY

MED-LARGE : $475