Thanks to our dear friend Jeremy Freeman (who took our original photo so long ago) for his pics from last Saturday at Shea Stadium. More to come on this show soon…







We’ve been working with the same set list for a couple of shows now, but it’s always good to have a reminder when we hit the stage… Here’s Anna’s from our show at Fontana’s last Thursday:

set list

The show starts at 7:30 PM, but come on out at 10 PM to see us!

Most convenient location EVER:

Fender Mustang Bass Ritzer 004

Look at it.  Beautiful.  Perfection in every way.  One volume knob and one tone knob, resting perfectly on that little swoop of silver.  The understated but still interesting color combination of the blonde and tortoise shell.  The curvy edges, and the small neck that perfectly fits my tiny hands.  I’m in love.  I joined a band because I wanted to get guys (if we’re being honest, isn’t that the point of rock music?).  Instead, I’ve fallen in love with a guitar.  A Fender mustang, to be precise.  I visit it at the Guitar Center on 14th street frequently.  I plug it into my favorite Ampeg amp and noodle around, imagining what it would be like to play it whenever I wanted.

Alas, it’s an unrequited love.  First of all, I’m unworthy.  I practice a lot, and I’m getting better, but my current bass skills don’t warrant such an instrument.  Also, I just don’t have an extra $800 sitting around.  Sure, if it were true love I’d move home with my parents in New Jersey, freeing up most of my income, allowing me to get the bass of my dreams.  I’m just not sure I’m ready for that kind of committment yet.  Ah, to be young and in love.

P.S. Don’t show my current Axl bass this post.  We’re still very much in love and things are going well, but a girl can have a celebrity crush, can’t she?

A celebratory mocha latte for my troubles – a simple but weighty task accomplished. It shouldn’t have been so hard but it is: the resistance to completion. The fear of communication. The essential laziness. The shyness and sense of inadequacy in the face of all things musical.


I first tried to install my pick-up (a Fishman V-200) without assistance. It was the first weekend of 2009; I had just moved to New York, the outside temperature was about 10 degrees, and amidst the stress of my brother in Israel, the back and forth to NYC, and the most recent version of “real life’s” start, I was sick. After bailing on the Saturday night plans early in the evening, I found myself a little lonely, a little feverish, and thought to console myself with productivity: the spanking new pick-up would be installed.

But how exactly does it work? Let’s see, I have to insert the “spring” into the “wing slot” of my bridge. What “spring”? I see no small coiled wire, perhaps if I just pinch this, no, I’ll just pull it to widen it a little – and SNAP, the copper “V” lies in two delicate planes of metal, reproachfully reflecting my bedroom’s overheard light. Read the rest of this entry »

Ebay: Vintage Klezmer Horn Violin Stroh Violinophone


Current bid? $405.00


Hi All!  I’m Madalyn, the bass player for this delightful indie outfit.  I, too, will be contributing to this blog, though probably not as whimsically as Meredith.  

We have this new tradition (that we unfortunately forgot to do at Trash Bar) where Anna shotguns a beer in the bathroom of wherever we happen to be.  This all got started when we were recording our latest two songs down in Virginia.  




And another (same occasion, different shower):



We also did it at Olde Club, but I can’t seem to find those photos.  Maybe they’ll turn up at an opportune moment in the future, like when Anna is running for some sort of political office.  Like the Mayor of Rock.

I think the four of us would roundly agree: the Trash Bar was the first show we didn’t suck. Many thanks to those who came out; thanks to the other bands performing (all wonderful) for their generosity with equipment (and pop tarts); thanks to the very nice sound guy. And thanks MOST ESPECIALLY to the awesome booker Mojo, who (although we didn’t make any money) gave us 20 bucks.


So now the question is: what do we each do, for the good of the band, with our $5 share??






(Anna, Meredith, Madalyn, and Zach, who is too busy with exams to purchase equipment right now, respectively)



Sitting at work the next day, I could still see the faint imprint of “band” on my right hand – a great feeling, as I copied over excel contact lists into microsoft outlook…



They say April is the cruellest month. I happen to be a fan, but it was certainly a busy time for SODF: rehearsal, the resurrection, matzo, birthdays, lilacs, boston and dc, moving, you name it. The upshot?

SODF this Wednesday May 6th at 10 pm at TRASH BAR, 256 Grand St, Brooklyn (off the Bedford Ave L stop)


After a month’s hiatus from the spotlights and sweat of the live stage, we return on Wednesday for the first of five scheduled shows in NYC and Philly. I’m especially excited for this one, cause

  1. it’s our first Brooklyn show
  2. the other bands playing that evening are supposed to be really great, including Says Shes Ms Blat the band of a very talented friend of Madalyn’s (our bassist)
  3. we’re playing two new songs (Flimsy Floorboards and Untitled) for the first time – and our existing repertoire has come leaps and bounds

Also? There’s an open bar (pbr & well drinks) between 8 – 9 with your $6 admission. SO hope to see you out there…

– Upcoming, for your g-cals –

May 6 10pm Trash Bar, Brooklyn
May 19 8pm Europa Downstairs, Brooklyn
May 21 8pm The M Room, Philly
June 11 11pm Fontana’s, Manhattan
July 15 8pm Crash Mansion, Manhattan


As a fan of concept albums, I was pleased to find this at aquarium drunkard. No real explanation or insight, but a (fairly) good list and a reminder that we should strive for our music (both what we make and what we consume) to be more than a group of songs. I would add Titus Andronicus’s The Airing of Grievances to the list.