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Well, happy new year folks!  It’s been a while.  Here’s the down low:

We played at the inaugural show of the Anna’s new DIY venue “elbo room” in Philly.  You can read about Anna’s sweet project, good plaids little lads, and see photos taken by Alex JOnes that evening here.

We’ve also received some blog press recently (many thanks to all!):

Circles of Concrete dedicated a post to us.
CastleQwayR gave us a little write-up that still has us blushing:

SODF reminds me of those passions and dreams that I have sadly felt myself drift far from with each unrequited passing year. What is it we so strongly desire, but is just beyond our reach? It could be grasped by force and therefore conquered, but that would cheapen it somehow. So we wait, and still wait. In the meantime, you may enjoy the often Renaissance and folk sounding melodies that flow freely from these four talented friends.

The Onion’s AV Club deemed us worthy of a “forehead slap” in their 2009: Year in Band Names.

Finally, we’re heading down to Fairfax, VA this weekend to record once more with the fabulous Fabakis Studios. Let’s hope we don’t get snowed in this time (as awesome as that was).  Stay tuned for updates…