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For the second time this week, I am struggling across New York City with a dangerously unwieldy piece of musical equipment.

The first time was Saturday, when Anna and I met at Guitar Center to purchase a long-anticipated keyboard. We’ve been playing on a shoddy Casio with keys that bounced back like overzealous bed springs; not enough resistance for comfort. After much banging on store models, we landed on yet another Casio: the CDP-100 armed with only a few bells and whistles, but in possession of 88 firm and gleaming keys. From here on out, only the keyboardist (me) can be blamed for the botched arpeggio, the chord that sounds false. And so Emily – who was gracious enough to help even during her city holiday – and I made the hundred-plus block pilgrimage north, taking turns with the packaged keyboard, which swung maniacally at fellow pedestrians like a cardboard sarcophagus with a death drive. Read the rest of this entry »