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Well, for a wee starter – come on out tonight (Friday)!  We’re playing at the Lit Lounge, which is an old haunt by now, at 2nd Ave and 6th St – it’s a fun place and the cover is only 6 bucks (cheap for this city, believe me) and we’re sharing the bill with Handglops, of Pitchfork and Swarthmore fame.  Doors open at 8:30, Handglops on at 9, I’m pretty sure we’re on at 11.  Rock out!

Now the main event – a sample of photos from our show this Tuesday at Pianos taken graciously by Mike Brotzman – take a moment to check out his gorgeous photoblog, it’s a treat.





When in school, success is clearly marked: you make the grade, you win the praise, you pass the test. Next steps are clear, too: with luck, each semester there’s a fresh batch of classes; every fall, a new grade; and at the end, you graduate. Ultimate culmination.

Well, as everyone knows, it all goes to shit after that and no one has any idea what they’re doing and flops about in a state of perpetual existential crisis. The same goes for being a wee little indie band in the big bad city of NYC — when exactly have you progressed? Is all of that practicing leading to somewhere? How do we know what success is anyway? (Madalyn, our bassist-qua-manager might have other thoughts on this.)

But sometimes something happens that’s so exciting that it feels like success in a big happy way. And for us, that’s playing

PIANOS! !! ! – that cozy but oh so hip venue on the lower east side, where we’ve heard so many great bands play –
158 Ludlow Street
July 28th at 9 pm
21 + $8 at the door

graduation -> pianos! zach has skipped the first step, because he's that cool

graduation -> pianos! zach has skipped the first step, because he's that cool

Also, we’re playing a Brand New Song, which features things we’ve never featured before – it’s a nautical epic, a ballad of the sea . . . so, come ye hearties.