Well, happy new year folks!  It’s been a while.  Here’s the down low:

We played at the inaugural show of the Anna’s new DIY venue “elbo room” in Philly.  You can read about Anna’s sweet project, good plaids little lads, and see photos taken by Alex JOnes that evening here.

We’ve also received some blog press recently (many thanks to all!):

Circles of Concrete dedicated a post to us.
CastleQwayR gave us a little write-up that still has us blushing:

SODF reminds me of those passions and dreams that I have sadly felt myself drift far from with each unrequited passing year. What is it we so strongly desire, but is just beyond our reach? It could be grasped by force and therefore conquered, but that would cheapen it somehow. So we wait, and still wait. In the meantime, you may enjoy the often Renaissance and folk sounding melodies that flow freely from these four talented friends.

The Onion’s AV Club deemed us worthy of a “forehead slap” in their 2009: Year in Band Names.

Finally, we’re heading down to Fairfax, VA this weekend to record once more with the fabulous Fabakis Studios. Let’s hope we don’t get snowed in this time (as awesome as that was).  Stay tuned for updates…


Hello friends!  We just had a wonderful show at Southpaw last Thursday.  Thanks so much to everyone who came out.  Not only was it an evening delightfully close to home, but we managed to record the entire show.  We might put up more tracks in the future, but for now, here’s our very first recording of Widow’s Walk.  It’s live, so it’s not perfect, but we really hope you enjoy it.  You download it by right clicking the link below.

MP3: “Widow’s Walk” – Solider On Dear Friend

the place

roof top

and where it all began




here she is. her name is Scarlet.


Disciple of the old world as I am, I am ever conscious of the particularly contemporary venture of our little band. Until this project, my model of music making was anything but. My violin was crafted in 1867 by the Londoner Edward Panormo, a rather bad luthier better known for his guitars. The etudes drilled into my fingers; the techniques of vibrato, spiccato, legato, staccato; my stance and very arrangement of my limbs are all practices developed in prior centuries, not decades. The music I studied solo, in quartets, in orchestra was penned by men two, three hundred years ago, the most recent of the bunch – Bartok, Shostakovich – clocking in early last century. My very identity, my social role is consistent through the ages; playing the violin was a perfectly nice activity for a young lady of the nineteenth century.


This quaint pastime has been yanked into the present. The change is physically manifest in the sheet of metal wedged into my bridge, connected by a rubber-encased wire to the pick up that grips the shoulder of my violin. Every performance and rehearsal, I insert a quarter-inch cable into the pick-up, an act of penetration that requires such force, albeit gentle, that I feel I am intruding into the body of the instrument, a violation. Electricity courses through our instruments, wires alter and amplify our motions and voices so our bodies become electronic and our art resides somewhere between neurons and the PA system. Read the rest of this entry »

Our first DC show! After a summer playing all over NYC and Philly, sampling a new city will be a real treat. Check us out at the Velvet Lounge and do bring friends.

velvet lounge

Aww, back to where it all started.   Monday, January 12th, our first show in NYC.  The Annex.  Snow on the streets.  Madalyn and I arrived two hours early.  We didn’t think the sound guy wasn’t coming.  We borrowed half our equipment.  I didn’t know what an XLR cable was.  Oh, we’ve come a wee way.


Now, bona fida rock stars (yup, sure), we return!
Saturday night!  The Annex! 152 Orchard!
Doors open 8 pm! $8! 21+!

AND best of all
we’re playing with FRIENDS – check out the beautiful voice of  Hannah Fairchild and the fabulous electronica compositions of Matt Diamond.

There is nothing better than playing WITH friends FOR friends.  Hope to see you there.

Well, for a wee starter – come on out tonight (Friday)!  We’re playing at the Lit Lounge, which is an old haunt by now, at 2nd Ave and 6th St – it’s a fun place and the cover is only 6 bucks (cheap for this city, believe me) and we’re sharing the bill with Handglops, of Pitchfork and Swarthmore fame.  Doors open at 8:30, Handglops on at 9, I’m pretty sure we’re on at 11.  Rock out!

Now the main event – a sample of photos from our show this Tuesday at Pianos taken graciously by Mike Brotzman – take a moment to check out his gorgeous photoblog, it’s a treat.




When in school, success is clearly marked: you make the grade, you win the praise, you pass the test. Next steps are clear, too: with luck, each semester there’s a fresh batch of classes; every fall, a new grade; and at the end, you graduate. Ultimate culmination.

Well, as everyone knows, it all goes to shit after that and no one has any idea what they’re doing and flops about in a state of perpetual existential crisis. The same goes for being a wee little indie band in the big bad city of NYC — when exactly have you progressed? Is all of that practicing leading to somewhere? How do we know what success is anyway? (Madalyn, our bassist-qua-manager might have other thoughts on this.)

But sometimes something happens that’s so exciting that it feels like success in a big happy way. And for us, that’s playing

PIANOS! !! ! – that cozy but oh so hip venue on the lower east side, where we’ve heard so many great bands play –
158 Ludlow Street
July 28th at 9 pm
21 + $8 at the door

graduation -> pianos! zach has skipped the first step, because he's that cool

graduation -> pianos! zach has skipped the first step, because he's that cool

Also, we’re playing a Brand New Song, which features things we’ve never featured before – it’s a nautical epic, a ballad of the sea . . . so, come ye hearties.

until i found this one.